Hi there! I'm Melanie.

Several years ago I struggled with a severe case of acne. It seemed to have started out of nowhere, and I didn't understand why. Like many others, I tried a myriad of products marketed for my condition, including a topical anti-biotic from the dermatologist. I started to become discouraged when I didn't see lasting results, but I did not give up hope!

When I made the decision to work in the skin care industry, my world changed. Not only did I learn to treat my skin using organic ingredients (not skin care products), but it was a doorway to the life of natural healing! I became aware of the disinformation spread by skin care companies and the media. I felt duped by these companies because I had spent so much money believing their claims. The reality is, most products are loaded with harsh, toxic ingredients that disrupt our body systems, cause premature aging, and induce sensitivities. Some ingredients, such as parabens, have even been linked to breast cancer!

My passion is to educate you on the healthiest way to care for your skin.

When you book a service with me, you can expect to be pampered, educated, and relaxed. I specialize in advanced treatments such as microcurrent, ultrasonic cleansing, body contouring, light therapy, and more. All of my products are handmade and custom blended for each of my clients. I use ingredients including, fruits, herbs, essential oils, and other gifts from nature!

I truly appreciate my clients for trusting in me, and allowing me to do what I love for a living. It is a huge honor to serve all of you!